Oats are great for breakfast. On their own they’re pretty bland, but become great when you add some things to the bowl. This recipe offers some suggestions on what to add, but is by no means a comprehensive overview of what you can do with oats.

We cover both rolled and steel cut oats. Instant need not apply.


Pick and choose additional ingredients:


  1. Bring water (with pinch of salt) to boil.
  2. Add oats. Use a 2:1 water-to-oats ratio (by volume) for rolled oats, 3:1 for steel cut.
  3. Boil on medium heat until most of the water has been absorbed/evaporated. Rolled oats will be ready quicker than steel cut.
  4. Pour over fruit in bowl (if having fruit).
  5. Sprinkle cinnamon (if having cinnamon).
  6. Mix.
  7. Add a spoonful of peanut butter (if having peanut butter).

Serving sizes

You’ll need less dry steel cut oats versus rolled oats for the same serving size. My personal “standard serving” is 1/3 cup steel cut or ½ cup rolled (note that, per the ratios above, both of these end up needing 1 cup water).


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Recipe posted on: 2021-03-10, last edited on: 2021-03-24, written by: Marcin Chrzanowski